What Kind of Toilet Brush is Easier to Use

Nowadays, more and more toilets are installed in the bathroom. After the toilet is used many times, there will be some dirty things. At this time, we must clean the toilet. A toilet brush is a necessary tool for toilet cleaning. Then what kinds of toilet brushes work better? And how to use it?

What kinds of toilet brush heads work better?

1. The bristles of the disposable toilet brush heads should be thick. Cleaning the toilet mainly depends on the bristles, so pay attention to the density of the bristles when purchasing.

2. The quality of toilet brush head’s bristles. When cleaning the toilet, the bristles have to be scrubbed hard, so pay attention to the toughness of the bristles, and do not choose products that will peel off at the first brush.

3. The material of the toilet mug: plastic toilet brush head/toilet mug: refers to the toilet brush/toilet cup made of plastic. Stainless steel toilet brush/toilet mug: refers to a toilet brush/toilet mug made of stainless steel.

4. The size of the toilet mug should be moderate. When purchasing a toilet mug, it should be matched with a toilet brush. It should be the right size to just match the toilet brush. Choose a toilet cup that is not big or small and easy to clean. So it is easier to maintain hygiene and avoid the breeding of bacteria.

How to use toilet brush

Normally people use the toilet brush head with brute force. Just make sure it looks clean but such way of cleaning is time-consuming and laborious. So in order to help everyone use the toilet brush cleverly, clean the toilet in an easier way and at the same time extend the service life of the toilet brush head, I am here to sort out some of the correct using methods of the toilet brush for everyone. Let's take a look together.

1. When using types of toilet brushes, you can use some auxiliary cleaning tools, like professional cleaning solvents for toilets and so on, which will save effort;

2. Every time after using the toilet brush head, you should rinse it with clean water in time, then hang it up and drain the water. You can also spray some disinfectant on it and place it in a dry and ventilated place;

3. Remember not to put the toilet brush head with water in an airtight container, or a dark and humid corner of the bathroom. Such environment is easy to breed bacteria;

4. Depending on the degree to which the toilet brush head is used, the life span of it is also different. After the bristles fall off, the dirt is easier to hide. Generally speaking, after using it for about half a year, it is time to consider retiring it.

The above is my introduction on what kind of toilet brush heads work better and the correct using method. People will use them toilet brush hard. In fact, it will be difficult to clean and also damage the toilet brush. So I suggest that you can use the above methods when using toilet brushes.

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