Wall Mounted Trash Can

1. Wall trash bin with sliding lid

2. Wall mounted trash suitable for cabinet doors with a thickness less than 2.4CM

3. Wall hanging garbage can no need to bend over to throw out the garbage

4. The top cover in wall bathroom trash can is closed to effectively prevent the spread of odors and protect the health of the family

Hanging areas in the bathroom/kitchen/cabinet door/bed. If you want to clean up the garbage, just hang it gently, and the garbage will be cleaned up and it is convenient to throw it away.

Specifications of Wall Mounted Kitchen Trash Can











Adavanteges of Wall Hanging Garbage Can

Wall mounted kitchen trash can can provide a convenient place for waste storage and disposal, so as to prevent pets at home from overturning the trash can or being accidentally encountered by children. Most homeowners lean these trash bins against the kitchen or bathroom wall. Wall mounted kitchen trash cans are obviously smaller than grounded trash bins and do not store as much rubbish as large bins, which is a more appropriate choice for kitchen bins, because most of the kitchen garbage is easy to corrode, and too much storage at one time can breed bacteria. The small wall mounted trash can is suitable for putting on the edge of the pool, so it is convenient to throw rubbish and clean it up in time.

Wall mounted kitchen trash can come in all shapes, sizes, colors and prices, so choosing the best mountable trash can can be troublesome. To choose the best garbage can wall, you can not only choose the right capacity wall garbage bin consistent with the kitchen decoration style, so that you do not have to constantly pour it into the outside trash can, the bosheen is very easy to install, and the quality is guaranteed.

Why Choose Wall Mounted Bathroom Garbage

The traditional floor-mounted trash can is not suitable for the bathroom. You can choose to install the wall mounted bathroom garbage and put it on the wall next to the toilet. It is very convenient to clean and there is no need to move it back and forth. Bosheen's wall mounted bathroom garbage has the following advantages:

Plastic shell in wall bathroom trash can: compared with stainless steel and other materials of garbage cans, plastic has more colors and styles to choose from, adding color to the decoration style of the toilet.

The lid of wall trash bin: it is more convenient to use. When cleaning in the toilet or may be stained with water stains, you can close the lid to prevent garbage from being cleaned up. When used wall mounted bathroom garbage frequently, keep the lid open and provide convenience for daily use.

Waterproof and size capacity of wall mounted trash: the waterproof and capacity of the toilet trash can is very important, the waterproof material makes the trash can and garbage very easy to clean, and the right capacity can not only provide a desired appearance, but also make flexible choices according to living habits and the number of users.

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