What Are the Sizes of Trash Cans?

What are the dimensions of the trash can? Most people are not very clear about this. Our trash can is a commonly used plastic product, which has now been widely used in units, schools, and homes. We have small trash cans in our small office, and large trash cans in public garbage stations. The trash can in our bathroom also has different sizes. It can be seen that the sizes and specifications of trash cans are also diverse.

We choose the appropriate size of the trash can and put it in the corresponding position, which helps to plan the space reasonably and make the room more hygienic. Next, we will introduce you to the size of the trash can.

1. How to identify the size of household plastic trash cans

The sizes of common household plastic trash bins are as follows. The designs and sizes of trash bins on the market are different. The sizes of trash bins generally used in department stores are 21x30cm, 24x27cm, 20x30cm, 25x44cm, 29x39cm, 46x75cm, 65x75cm. Take 21x30cm as an example to illustrate the size of the plastic trash can. From these data, it can be seen that the widest diameter of the top of the trash can is 21cm and the height is 30cm.

2. Other different types of trash cans

Generally speaking, household garbage bins have many and complete specifications, and the sizes of trash cans used in other public places are also different. If the capacity of the general sanitation trash can is 70 liters, the corresponding length, width and height are 550*515*755cm respectively; if the capacity is 80 liters, the corresponding length, width and height are 520*480*660mm respectively; if it is bomb cover garbage The corresponding length, width and height are respectively 270*260*340m; if the capacity of the trash can is 20 liters, the corresponding length, width and height are respectively 350*310*420cm; the 30-liter trash can with plastic cover corresponds to The size is 400mm in length, 350mm in width and 520mm in height; a 50-liter trash can corresponds to a size of 470mm in length, 420mm in width and 650mm in height...Of course, every trash can has many other specifications. .

Some trash bins use capacity to distinguish sizes. For example, a 5-liter trash can generally corresponds to 20x30cm, and a 12-liter trash can generally corresponds to 25x44cm. No matter what method is used to name the size of the trash can, people must choose according to the size and durability required in actual use.

If you choose metal garbage cans, it's better to buy stainless steel trash cans. And you can also choose bamboo when choosing a trash can because some plastics contain some radioactive substances. When choosing the size of the trash can, it is recommended to choose a small size in the family, which helps remind people to take out the trash at any time and prevent the excessive accumulation of trash and the breeding of bacteria and spread of bacteria. This will also help freshen the air in the home because the trash is prone to smelly after being left for a long time.

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