Foot Operated Trash Can

1.Pedal design foot operated garbage bins

2.430 stainless steel, anti-fingerprint technology foot operated trash bin

3.The semi-transparent lid is clearly visible, and the built-in garbage margin is clear at a glance

4.Layering design foot operated garbage bins, fixed garbage bag, and convenient to carry the bucket

Bosheen provides convenient stainless steel trash can with foot pedal to bring you a clear environment, foot operated garbage bins is easy to clean, whose suitable size can be put in  anywhere in the knitchen or other rooms.

Specifications of Foot Operated Trash Can




5L / 9L / 13L




Stainless steel


White / Stainless steel

Advantages of Bosheen foot pedal garbage can

Stainless steel trash can with foot pedal makes your life easier. The liberal arts kitchen trash can allows you to keep the space clean and clean and store garbage and garbage in a hygienic way. The compact design of foot operated garbage bins is a decoration for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

Metal kitchen trash can with foot pedal: the sturdy pedal allows you to open the trash can without touching the rectangular trash can, thus ensuring safe and hygienic contact with the garbage bag-once you release the pedal, the lid will automatically and gently close again, and foot operated trash can provides you with the enjoyment of mute.

Foot operated garbage bins has a durable metal surface: the pedal trash can is made of shiny antirust stainless steel with a special anti-fingertip coating to keep the surface clean and tidy, and foot pedal kitchen bin can keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

Stainless steel kitchen trash can with foot pedal has removable inner bins: in order to cleanly empty your compact bins, you don't need to get your hands dirty, as practical bins allow safe emptying and replacement of garbage bags.

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