Where Should I Put the Knife Stand for Kitchen?

As we all know, the kitchen is the place to cook food, and cooking food is inseparable from knives. The kitchen knife holder is an indispensable item in the kitchen, no matter what you do in the kitchen will use the knives. And with the continuous improvement of living standards, a variety of kitchen knife racks have been introduced for us to choose. What kind of kitchen knife rack is good? I believe that we have made a difficult time in the selection. The following will introduce some issues, such as where should I put the kitchen knife holder, hoping to help the friends in need.

Ⅰ. What kind of kitchen knife rack is good?

Now there are three popular kitchen knife racks, one is plastic, one is wooden and one is made of stainless steel.

1. Wooden kitchen knife rack should be selected to use insect-resistant and anti-bacterial materials.

2. Because the knife for a long time in contact with wet food, it is easy to breed bacteria, so the knife rack should ensure dry and clean, placed in the ventilation.

3. Stainless steel knife rack usually clean more, dry in the sun before use.

4. The best choice of wooden knife rack can be insect and bacteria resistant materials, generally use the wood products after anti-corrosion and insect-resistant treatment.

5. The draining rack is also a good way. Knives after cleaning directly on the draining rack, wait for it to dry naturally and then into the knife rack, do not use dish towels or rags to wipe clean and put away, because the kitchen environment of moisture, it is difficult to ensure that the rags are very clean. Knife buckle on the draining rack will automatically drain off the water, and can maintain good ventilation.

In short, as far as it seems, the wooden kitchen knife rack is the most used by the people. So most people feel that wooden kitchen knife rack is better, while stainless steel and plastic kitchen knife rack will be different according to the needs of different uses, some people will also feel that these two materials are better knife rack. But different materials have different characteristics, according to the kitchen environment and their own use habits to determine.

Ⅱ. The placement of the kitchen knife rack

Kitchen knife rack should be placed in a safe, secure, convenient to take, put, use the location.

1. The knife can not be hung in the air

Hanging knives are like machetes, meaning that there are major unfortunate events at home. Knife tip sharp, easy to bring discord to the family, leading to disputes. The correct approach is to place the knife inside the drawer and knife rack, while the tip of the knife towards the wall.

2. Knives can not be hung on the wall

Kitchen Feng Shui points out that kitchen knives, fruit knives and other knives can not be hung on the wall, or inserted in the knife rack. It is best to use the drawer to put away, do not hang garlic, onions, peppers, etc. for convenience on the walls of the kitchen, kitchen feng shui that these things will absorb yin, which is not conducive to home life.

3. Knives should be hidden not exposed

The kitchen is already on fire, if the knives are not properly collected after use, it will become a fire brake two Sheng, the scene of excessive Yang. Yang is too strong, on behalf of the meaning of the attack, fighting, is not conducive to peace in the home.

The above is for you about which kitchen knife rack is good, where to put kitchen knife rack is suitable, we hope it will help you.

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