How About a Foot Operated Trash Can?

1. How about a foot-operated trash can?

A lot of garbage will be produced in all aspects of the life process, and some indoor places will set up foot-foot-operated trash cans to facilitate the disposal of garbage.

The foot-operated trash can is based on the principle of leverage. Step on the pedal part at the bottom of the trash can with your feet to open the trash can cover. The operation is simple, convenient and fast. What do you think of it?

When using a foot-operated trash can, we should pay attention to placing the foot-foot-operated trash can away from the fire source to avoid the product being scorched and deformed. Do not use corrosive cleaning products when cleaning to avoid damage to the product shape.

When using it, it will cause damage to the product. We use a plastic bag to seal the oily domestic waste into the trash can to prevent the trash can from being stained with oil, which will cause cleaning inconvenience. The foot-operated trash can in the bathroom should be a plastic trash can.

The purpose of garbage classification is to reuse the waste collected and collected by classification, reducing the demand for raw materials, making the perishable garbage more organic, producing garbage compost, and improving farmland soil.

Separation of toxic and hazardous waste is beneficial to the disposal of waste, reducing the risk of environmental pollution is conducive to improving the environmental protection awareness of urban residents, reducing the transportation volume of urban waste, and relieving the pressure of urban traffic.

In addition, when we put garbage into the trash can, we should also pay attention to the bottles and cans that should be cleaned up after the products in the container are used up.

Glass garbage should be handled with care to avoid damage to the garbage bag and spilled glass. Kitchen garbage should be sealed. After the garbage is placed, the garbage bag should be covered to avoid the breeding of mosquitoes and flies.

2. How to choose a foot-operated trash can?

The trash can can hold many garbage generated in life, and the styles of trash cans that you see in many places are different. There are many different types of intelligent dustbin, including dual motion sensor trash can, metal barrel trash can and foot-operated garbage can, etc.

The foot-operated trash can is more convenient to use, so how to choose a better one?

1. Pay attention to the applicability of the double-barrel trash can in the pedal table, for example, not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

2. Pay attention to the double barrel waste barrel process in the pedal table, for example, the bottom façade can be non-slip and wear-resistant to ensure its stability, and the edges are ground, smooth and non-scratching.

3. Pay attention to the characteristics of the double-barrel waste barrels in the pedal table. If the PP raw material is selected for safety, environmental protection, and no odor, the bottom elevation can ensure its good anti-skid effect.

Regarding the selection of foot-operated trash cans, we need to pay attention to the three points above. The quality of foot-operated trash cans is the most important.

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