Quality Control

1. Material selection process.
The first hurdle of product quality is the selection of raw materials. We all cooperate with some high-quality raw material suppliers. Strict inspection is required before entering our warehouse, and it can be put into the warehouse only after being qualified.

2. Ingredients.
What kind of products use what materials to match the raw materials, some materials alone are not a problem, but mixed use will cause problems, and some toxic side reactions may occur, which affect the overall quality of the raw materials.

3. Processing link.
Standardize worker operating discipline and standardize machine operating procedures. Workers operate in strict accordance with quality standards.

4. Inspection link.
Inspections are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of quality standards, and unqualified and defective products are selected. Ensure that qualified products flow into the next step.

5. Packaging link.
The inner packaging and outer packaging of the product are strictly in accordance with the quality requirements.

6. After-sales link.
Product warranty is 2 years, and provide technical service support. If there is a problem during use, you can communicate with us to solve it.