Intelligent Home Product Applications

Focus on the comfort and convenience of user experience. Create excellent products
Bosheen's intelligent home products have been exported to a wide range of coutries, including the United States, Europe, etc. All of our kitchen storage racks, trash cans and toilet brushes are of extremely high qualities and with reasonable prices. They can be used in multiple kinds of conditions like public places (airport, offices, cinemas, shopping malls, etc.) and domestic places.

Smart Trash Bins

Have you seen our trash can?
Seeing it, you can feel our intentions.
The lid of the trash can opens and closes automatically,
UV cycle disinfection and sterilization,
Level 5 waterproof.
The whole journey is silent and slowly starts and descends.
The barrel is sealed and locked.

Why Bosheen?

Bosheen Intelligent Home Product Supplier
Hangzhou Bosheen Household Technology Co., a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the technical development and business trade of intelligent home products. The company has gathered a number of senior people who have worked in the industry for more than ten years. We have a high-quality professional technology research and development team and professional product development designers who are engaged in the research and development of high-tech products in the digital field. Our company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, has an excellent marketing team and domestic channel partners, and has a sound management plan for product market development and product after-sales service. We will continue to uphold the concept of “creating, win-win and sharing” and create value for each of our customers, providing the best products and the best service.
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