Dual Compartment Sensor Bin

1.Pedal design dual compartment trash can motion sensor

2.430 stainless steel, anti-fingerprint technology dual compartment sensor trash can

3.Classification of wet and dry garbage, double bucket and double cover 

4.The two-color inner barrel is separated independently, easy to take and easy to clean

5.Keep the cover, flexibly fixed dual motion sensor trash can

6.The whole barrel is sealed to prevent peculiar smell and refresh the home

7.Non-slip foot pad, stable and anti-tip dual trash can motion sensor

In daily life, we must minimize the generation of garbage, and learn to classify garbage with dual compartment motion sensor trash can, so as to reduce the workload of environmental protection workers, and contribute to urban environmental protection. To protect the environment, start with using dual sensor bin, and sort the garbage, start with the preparation of the dual compartment sensor bin.

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