Which Household Toilet Brush is Easy to Use?

The toilet brush, as the name implies, is the brush used to brush the toilet, also known as cleaning brush, it is a cleaning tool commonly used in the bathroom. The toilet brush is mainly used to clean the toilet regularly, because the toilet has been used for a long time, if it is not cleaned in time, it is easy to hide dirt inside, not only dirty but also smelly, then you can use the toilet brush to clean it. In addition to cleaning the toilet, another function of the toilet brush is to unclog the toilet. When the toilet is blocked, there is no other dredging tool temporarily. You can tie the toilet brush with a plastic bag, press the toilet flush button, and poke it with the toilet brush. Wait for the water in the toilet to almost flow down, repeat 2-3 times, and basically the toilet can be dredged.

Ⅰ. Types of toilet brushes

The toilet brush is placed next to the toilet and is a special tool for cleaning the toilet. According to different classification methods, there are many types of toilet brushes:

1. According to the material. It can be divided into plastic toilet brush and stainless steel toilet brush.

2. According to the style. Can be divided into warped toilet brush, spherical toilet brush, hemispherical toilet brush and so on.

3. According to the installation method. It can be divided into wall-mounted toilet brush and floor-mounted toilet brush.

Ⅱ. The choice of household toilet brush

1. Material selection

Among the toilet brush materials, plastic is lighter, while stainless steel is thicker and brighter. However, when choosing, you will generally choose plastic toilet brushes, because stainless steel toilet brushes will damage the glazed surface of the toilet. If your bathroom hardware is mostly For stainless steel, you can consider choosing this; and plastic toilet brushes generally have soft fluff on the brush head, which can reduce damage to the glazed surface of the toilet.

2. Style selection

In terms of toilet brush style selection, the spherical toilet brush is better for scrubbing, and it is also very useful for cleaning dead corners; the toilet brush with a tilted head cleans the inner seams of the toilet more cleanly, and it is also more convenient to flush in turn. You can choose both.

3. Selection of installation method

The toilet brush is generally placed in the toilet brush cup. Some toilet brush cups are hung on the wall, and some are placed on the ground. The wall-mounted toilet brush is relatively space-saving and convenient to use; the floor-mounted toilet brush is more inconspicuous and does not affect the visual effect of the bathroom.

Generally speaking, there are still many choices of toilet brushes, and there is no conclusion on which one is better. You can choose according to your own preferences.

Ⅲ. The toilet brush is generally recommended to choose a softer toilet brush

If the toilet brush is too hard, it is not very convenient to clean the toilet, and it may damage the toilet due to improper use; soft bristles are relatively gentle when scrubbing. However, no matter whether it is hard bristle or soft bristle, you should pay attention to it. Don't choose a brush with poor quality, otherwise it will easily lose hair in the toilet, which is not only inconvenient to clean, but also counterproductive.

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