How to Deodorize and Extend the Life of Plastic Trash Cans?

1. How to deodorize plastic trash cans?

I believe everyone is familiar with plastic trash cans, and they are placed in every household, usually in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

The appearance of plastic trash cans make our lives clean and tidy. It is a good helper to hide dirt and filth, which is meaningful. But there is always a question that plagues consumers, that is, why do plastic trash cans always smell bad?

Plastic trash cans need to receive a variety of wastes every day, and are surrounded by bacteria, viruses, and molds every day, which pollutes the indoor environment, emits some odors, and plagues our lives. How to deodorize? Simple.

In household life, when using plastic trash cans, we can put a layer of newspaper on the bottom of the plastic trash can, and put two or three packs of desiccant on the newspaper. The desiccant can absorb the moisture in the garbage, and the garbage cannot be distributed without moisture. It can directly solve the odor of plastic trash cans.

Second, some plastic trash cans currently on the market may contain some radioactive substances or harmful volatile substances due to the unknown source of plastic materials, which poses certain health risks.

Therefore, when purchasing plastic trash cans, we must first pay attention to the material of plastic trash cans, so as to prevent a series of troubles for our use in the future.

Third, use baking soda. As we all know, baking soda can eliminate odor. Sprinkling a little baking soda on the plastic trash can not only removes the odor, but also prevents the growth of bacteria and has a good deodorant effect. We can use this method. Regularly disinfect plastic trash cans.

The effective deodorization method of plastic trash cans is the above. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Creating a high-quality, clean and tidy home environment can keep people happy. On the contrary, the harsh environment will cause great harm to people's physical and mental health. Influence.

Ⅱ. How to extend the service life of plastic trash cans?

1. Buy cost-effective products

The price difference between some products is not much, but the quality is very different. Therefore, when we make a choice, we should carefully distinguish and see the quality of this plastic trash can.

Then make some appropriate choices of buying plastic garbage bin. You can have some appropriate ways to truly buy these better quality products, so that everyone can make themselves feel more at ease when using them.

2. Immediately clean up

Usually in the case of using plastic trash cans, we should do the removal work immediately, only after we can clean up the inside more neatly, so that the whole process of using the trash can can have a good effect.

Therefore, in the case of doing this kind of thing, everyone should properly consider this actual situation, and can do some clearing work very well, so that it can be applied more strongly.

3. There is a proper method of operation

In the case of transporting such trash cans, be sure to handle them with care, and do not load and unload them violently or throw them away casually.

Many people use a very violent method when they put the waste in the garbage can in the sanitation garbage truck, which will cause great harm to the product itself.

And it will be very easy to destroy, so you must ensure that you handle it with care, it will be very good for the whole process of the application of plastic trash cans.

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