What Types of Trash Cans Are There?

Compared with ordinary trash cans, the first feature of smart trash cans is that they are expensive. Smart trash cans are priced at hundreds of yuan or even hundreds of thousands. Smart trash cans realize automatic opening and closing of trash cans without hands. When throwing garbage at a distance, the trash can can be sensed so as to realize automatic opening and closing; the smart trash can can also automatically seal the bag for packaging, automatically change the garbage bag and other operations, on the whole, the smart trash can can make people less hands-on.

1. Lidless trash can

Trash cans without lids are very common and are often used in offices. It is very convenient to throw away office paper and other dry garbage. The advantage is that the opening is large, which is convenient for throwing larger things, and it saves time such as opening the lid.

2. Lid trash can

Trash cans with lids are also very common, which is usually used at home. According to the opening and closing methods, there are manual opening and closing, automatic opening and closing, and foot opening and closing. The advantage of the covered trash can is obvious, that is, it can cover unsightly or even a little annoying garbage, and it will not be seen or smelled after it is covered.

3. Separate trash can

It is said that garbage sorting is something that benefits the country and the people, and it has been promoted recently. Thailand has already sorted garbage, and we should catch up. After garbage classification is implemented, trash cans with compartments are very necessary, or you have to prepare several barrels in the kitchen at home. If the kitchen is not big, it is necessary to use trash cans with compartments. There are two types of trash cans in the compartment, the upper and lower compartments and the left and right compartments. The main difference is the size of the floor space. Generally, the trash cans on the upper and lower floors occupy a small area and are suitable for small kitchens or placed in the cracks.

4. Wall-mounted trash can

Wall-mounted trash cans are generally installed on the kitchen cabinets. The advantage is that it is convenient to clean up kitchen waste when cooking, and it can be swept directly from the table to the trash can. It can also be hung in the cabinet without taking up space at all.

5. Kitchen trash can

The kitchen is the place where the most garbage is generated, and it is also the place where many families "store" garbage. Therefore, the capacity of the garbage can in the kitchen should be large. According to the garbage classification, it is more appropriate to choose a separate garbage can, or a wall-mounted garbage can + a covered garbage can combination.

Most people don't pay much attention to the selection of trash cans, and think that it is enough to just buy one from the supermarket and vegetable market that can hold trash. In fact, trash cans, an item that is used every day, can add a lot of happiness to life if you choose it properly. In different places in the home, the functions and styles of the required trash cans will also be different.

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