How to choose a smart trash bin?

1. The quality of the smart trash can, such as the stability of the work, whether it is durable, strong and strong, etc.;

2. The applicability of smart trash cans, such as in the living room or kitchen or bathroom or bedroom, indoor or outdoor, etc.

3. The details of the workmanship of the smart trash can, the heightened bottom can be skid-proof and wear-resistant to ensure its stability, and the edges are polished smoothly without scraping hands;

4. The functional design of the smart sensor trash can, no need to bend over, auto-sensing, sterilize or carry the inner bucket.

5. The specifications and capacity of the smart trash can determine the size, material, weight, etc. of the trash that can be loaded;

6. There are many colors and styles of smart trash cans, and we need to make corresponding purchases according to our own preferences to achieve the best results.

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