Can You Imagine How Smart the Smart Trash Can Is?

Smart garbage bin, perhaps this word will make many people feel funny. Although everything is connected, everything is smart, how can the garbage bins be smart? No kidding, smart garbage bins have already had. Let BOSHEEN introduce you to the intelligent trash cans.

1. The function of intelligent trash cans

Smart garbage bins are currently intelligent, both in appearance and function, smart garbage bin is still a bucket, can only throw garbage. Its intelligence lies in the original design based on the addition of the induction function and sealing function. The first infrared function is estimated that we can guess how it works. Through infrared sensors to sense the distance of the human hand, in close to the intelligent trash can 20CM distance automatically open the garbage can cover. So we can throw garbage, without the need to touch the garbage can. The second is the sealing function, the intelligent trash can is fully sealed design, in the garbage lid will have a seal, the lid closed to ensure that the garbage can no garbage odor overflow, reduce the chances of germs spread.

The combination of intelligence and home has only become popular in recent years. Various tech giants are trying to land their own smart technologies, most initially in cell phones, then computers, and then the recent wave of smart speakers led by Amazon. From an application suite to a utility, we see the infinite possibilities of combining intelligence with everything. Auto sensor bin is a typical example among these possibility. Undeniably, the key words caught out from the garbage can is probably commonly used, inconspicuous and dirty. It is this inconspicuous trash can is most likely to shake hands with the smart. The only point is also the most important point, need. In addition to eating and sleeping, throwing away garbage is one of the things we must do every day. Without a trash can, where do we throw our finished bottles and take-out boxes? To be honest, we can't live without garbage cans anymore. Existence is reasonable, since the current existence of the garbage can is the "need" and "non-intelligent" contradiction, then the best way is to upgrade its transformation, up to the real intelligent trash can.

2. The market prospects of intelligent trash cans

Based on the current level of technology, intelligent trash cans, like stainless steel garbage can with foot pedal, can reach the highest state is the combination of voice and cleaning. Garbage cans on the voice interaction in the technology can be fully realized. Call it "switch" is very simple, broadcast news singing is also no problem, may just sound will feel a little taste.

Another one is cleaning. intelligent trash can not only in the role of garbage storage, but also in the cleaning and hygiene. Now the popular sweeping robot can be completely combined with the garbage can, after all, the two in the cleaning process to undertake each other, there is no need to be independent of each other. The easiest way is to add a hole on the robot's head that automatically opens and closes, and the most reliable way is to let the robot automatically empty the trash into the nesting trash can after it finishes cleaning. The program idea has been sorted out, the rest is a matter for developers and designers.

The imagination of the smart garbage bin is based on what can be achieved. In a more advanced future, the garbage can may have been integrated in another more advanced intelligent tool, perhaps an all-around intelligent housekeeper, or perhaps something else beyond imagination. For the market prospects of smart garbage bins, you can look forward to.

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