What About the Future of the Smart Trash Can Industry?

With the general improvement of people's environmental awareness and aesthetic level, the types and quantity of trash cans are constantly being renovated and upgraded. People pay more attention to the beauty and applicability of trash cans, and the products are also developing in the direction of "exquisiteness" and "intelligence". What about the prospects of the smart trash can industry?

Many countries around the world have patented inventions for many new smart trash cans, but their patent rights are mostly model design patent rights, which have been greatly affected in application. Since the launch of the smart trash can, it has been warmly welcomed by users. Because of its high market demand and low investment, it is also favored by small and medium investors.

Ⅰ. The functional innovations of the smart trash can are manifested in the following aspects:

1. The scalability of the trash can. That is, the size and capacity of the smart trash can are adjusted according to the scope of use, which is more in line with people's different needs.

2. The kitchen waste bins prevent the odor from escaping. The new type trash can chooses a sealing ring to seal the trash can, which will shorten the service life of the mechanical system. Even the use of ultra-low temperature refrigeration of garbage will also cause a large amount of power consumption.

3. Garbage classification. The classification of waste with artificial intelligence technology is a high-tech subject research. At present, there is no equipment that can sort and recycle waste based on commodities without the help of manpower. Furthermore, the household trash can is not large in size, and there is no garbage recycling and classification.

Ⅱ. Several smart garbage cans currently on the market:

1. Electric buttons: There are several buttons on the general trash can. When you press one of them, the lid of the trash can will be opened electrically. Put the trash into the trash can, and the lid will automatically close after a few seconds. The disadvantage of this type of trash can is that it actually has to be touched by hand. It is not like the traditional method of using manpower to force the lid of the barrel to be opened by the torque of mechanical equipment, but to open the lid of the barrel by pressing the torque of the mechanical device by hand.

2. Infrared sensor flip cover: This kind of sensor trash can generally does not need to be touched, which is well guaranteed in terms of environmental hygiene. Generally, an infrared sensor is installed on the top of the trash can. People can swing their arms or stay on the trash can for a period of time to input the data signals collected by the sensor into the CPU, and then the mechanical system will reply and open the lid. Throw it into the trash again, and it will automatically turn off after a few seconds.

3. Side-pull smart trash can with infrared sensor. This side-pull type open-lid trash can avoids the problem of overlapping and covering the clamshell area, but its magnetic induction sensitivity is not high, the response time is slow, and it cannot guarantee sufficient convenience and speed.

Analyzing the prospects of the smart trash can industry, we can know that smart trash cans have changed the traditional trash cans with lids and must be opened with hands or feet. For the first time, it applies a series of advanced key technologies such as full intelligent control, infrared sensors, and electromechanical integration to the trash can industry, so that the trash can can contain garbage more reasonably and conveniently.

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