Maintenance of plastic garbage cans and machinery and equipment

Ⅰ. What are the maintenance methods for plastic garbage bins

According to the maintenance of plastic garbage cans, the key is divided into two categories: destruction of utensils and destruction of spare parts. The destruction of utensils is divided into: cracking, unbottoming and a hole baked by fire. Its essential feature is: the technology of hot melt welding is selected.

1. First, use an automatic cutting machine to round the plastic corners on both sides of the crack to create a slope;

2. Hot melt welding, one hand holds a special adhesive, the plan of the special adhesive is aimed at the trash can and the crack, the other hand holds a plastic welding gun, and the special adhesive and the crack are additionally heated with the plastic welding gun.

When the two are at the beginning of melting, the special adhesive is pressed to the surface of the crack, and then the continuous practical operation is carried out along the direction of the crack until the tail end of the crack. In the whole operation process, when the crack is long, air is used to compress and refrigerate a part of the welded welding to reduce deformation;

3. For the maintenance of plastic garbage bins, two-sided hot melt welding should be chosed;

4. Use an automatic cutting machine to cut off unnecessary special adhesive on the surface of the plastic garbage can.

the delivery and use of plastic garbage cans will have the cleaning effect of a sound big city when showing a large number of specific use values, and it will also help save a large amount of plastic garbage cans maintenance and removal costs.

Ⅱ. Why do plastic garbage bins sell better when the price rises?

People who buy and sell stocks may understand that it is definitely the best choice for individual stocks to buy and sell stocks at the bottom, with low cost and high returns.

When a stock falls, it will be sold. The more people sell it, the stronger it will fall. In the end, it will be sold, but no one wants to buy it;

On the other hand, if a stock is rising, then there will be a lot of people's option incentives, the more people's option incentives will rise, and in the end no one wants to sell again, and it is difficult for those who want to buy it.

It is difficult to copy stocks, but it is very easy to copy stocks in the field of plastic garbage bins. The raw material of plastic garbage cans is petroleum high-pressure polyethylene or polypropylene.

If the price of oil is reduced, it will not take long for the plastic products dustbin field in the middle and lower reaches to fall. If the oil rises, the plastic products field will follow suit.

By the new crown epidemic, life in all fields in 202020is more sad, the country closed, self-isolation, resulting in many factories, freight logistics and other companies to stop production, work.

Quotations for products other than daily necessities have plummeted, and the demand for plastic garbage bins has been greatly reduced. Many plastic products companies are competing to choose price reduction marketing to save themselves in other small-scale taxpayers who consume inventory.

At that time, the international crude oil price plummeted, which dealt a heavy blow to the plastic products company, which immediately caused the price of plastic products to fall off a cliff, causing huge anxiety in the sales market.

Why does the price of plastic garbage bins rise and resell more strongly? For example, if you buy a house with the intention of project investment, do you want the price of the house to rise or reduce the price?

Obviously, at this stage, the Chinese market is still centered on agents. Agents purchase goods in factories as if you bought a house. If the price of plastic garbage cans rises, the price of plastic garbage cans purchased cheaply will rise. Even if they are not sold at high prices, they will be more competitive than the price they are purchased today;

On the other hand, if the price of plastic garbage cans falls, then if the trash cans purchased before are sold at the previous price, they will not be sold at the current price.

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