What Is an Intelligent Trash Can?

In today's society, technology is constantly innovating, and the times are advancing. More and more smart products are being developed, from small smart bracelets to smart homes, all with a taste of technology. Currently, even garbage cans are becoming smarter, making garbage disposal more convenient.

What is an intelligent trash can?

A smart garbage bin is composed of an advanced microcomputer control chip, an infrared sensing device, and a mechanical transmission part. Through high-tech technology, the garbage can is given powerful functions.

Understanding integrated intelligent trash can

The garbage can integrates solar energy, the Internet of Things, and a high-efficiency compressor. The top of the garbage can provides power for the garbage can. When the garbage is almost full, the compressor can compress the volume of the garbage to one-fifth of its original size within 40 seconds. When the garbage bin is almost full, it will automatically send information such as the garbage can being full and its geographical location to the garbage processing center via the Internet. Then, the system of the processing center will analyze the data sent by each garbage can and plan the best recycling route and time, and send out vehicles to clean up the garbage. The solar panel on the garbage can has a maximum output power of 30W, which can provide power when indoor by plugging in a DC power supply or outdoor by using solar energy.

This kind of smart rubbish bin can greatly reduce the frequency of garbage collection, thus reducing the number of garbage trucks, workers, and maintenance costs by about 85%, and reducing the emission of 52 tons of carbon dioxide per garbage can. Also, it is a closed garbage can, so flies, mosquitoes, and cats and dogs messing with the garbage no longer occur, and there is no bad smell from the garbage can. The environment instantly becomes better.

Understanding contact smart garbage bin

This type of induction smart trash can, such as wall mounted trash can bathroom, uses infrared sensing technology, claiming to respond quickly in 0.3 seconds without being sluggish or delayed. Users do not need to touch the garbage can, and the cover will open and close automatically. This effectively avoids bacterial infections and is more hygienic.

When a hand or an object approaches the induction window at a distance of about 15cm, the window activates and the lid of the garbage can opens automatically. When the hand or object leaves the induction window, the lid of the garbage can closes automatically after about 5 seconds. If the hand or object stays within the sensing range, the lid of the garbage can will always remain open, making it more convenient for users to dispose of garbage for extended periods of time.

As we all know, garbage cans are indispensable items in our daily lives, and now they have become smarter. The use of smart trash can is becoming more and more widespread, which helps people's lives become more interesting and comfortable.

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