What Are the Functions of the Smart Garbage Bin?

Now that the era of smart home is coming, not only some well-known electrical appliances in life have begun to become high-end and intelligent, but also many devices that were originally unrelated to home appliances have begun to gradually form an intelligent system.

In addition to curtains, there are many products as well. Today, BOSHEEN will mainly introduce the very popular smart garbage bin. In fact, this new product is still quite controversial in the home furnishing market. Let's see if its functional effect is really worthy of its name.

1. Induction system of smart garbage bin

Ordinary lidded trash cans are basically divided into two parts: hand-opening or foot-opening. For hand-opening, the lid needs to be lifted, which will contaminate a lot of bacteria. If it is foot-opening, the lever principle is used, and it will become insensitive after a long time, and it is prone to damage.

The smart garbage bin is different. It has a unique sensing function. Generally, it has the same infrared sensing technology as the automatic door opening and closing. Whenever the hand is close, it will automatically detect and open the trash can door, which is almost no delay.

Therefore, it is enough to throw the garbage normally, even if the lid of the intelligent trash bin is closed, this benefit can reduce the time for opening the lid of the garbage can, thereby preventing the odor from escaping and causing the pollution of the indoor space.

However, this is not a gimmick of a smart garbage bin. In fact, this response is very slow when it is thrown remotely, and it cannot be used as a kitchen trash can.

2. Internal garbage monitoring of smart garbage bins

Nowadays, more and more mobile APPs have become the leaders of smart homes, and the functions of mobile APPs have become more and more perfect.

The mobile APP associated with the smart garbage bin is the most intuitive way to understand the storage inside the smart garbage bin and remind people to take out the trash and other situations.

However, many people also feel that the inspection of internal garbage is a bit superfluous. People who love cleanliness will feel uncomfortable if they don't take out the garbage for a day, but they can urge people who don't like cleanliness to take out the garbage from the intelligent rubbish bin, like foot pedal garbage bin.

3. smart garbage bin sterilization and self-cleaning function

Smart products naturally have their trump card, just like a smart garbage bin, its trump card is sterilization and self-cleaning.

Bacterial contamination has always been a criticism of all trash cans, especially after a long time, the internal garbage is deposited, and when the lid is opened, there is a pungent smell.

The smart model is a function that can be combined with negative ions and ozone to periodically kill the bacteria inside the smart garbage bin, so as to ensure that there will be no bacterial spread. The effect of negative ions sterilization can reach 99%.

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