Is Smart Garbage Bin Really Useful?

With the development of technology, smart furniture has gradually emerged, such as smart mattresses, smart hangers, smart garbage bins, and so on. More and more household appliances have joined the "smart home" ranks. And no matter what kind of commodity, as long as the secret weapon of "smart" is added, the price will keep rising. The smart home is indeed more convenient to use.


Ⅰ. Is the smart garbage bin really useful?   

1. Traditional garbage bins are generally open or semi-open, usually with a large bell mouth. For families with small pets or children, the phenomenon of messing and accidental ingestion is common.   

2. The biggest advantage of the smart sensor trash can is to solve the problem of trash touching. During the whole process of throwing out garbage, we don't have to touch the garbage bin. This not only keeps the environment clean and tidy to the greatest extent but also reduces the chance of touching bacteria or other pollution sources.    

Ⅱ. The main advantages of smart garbage bins

The smart garbage bin flexibly utilizes indoor space and star small-sized houses. Ordinary garbage bins are large cylindrical, occupying a very large area and occupying a large area in the bathroom. The smart trash bin designed by our company is narrow, the wall and the gap between the toilet can be put down, and the indoor space can be maximized easily.

Ⅲ. Other advantages of smart garbage bin 

1. One key switch of intelligent induction trash can is more convenient. Ordinary smart garbage bins must be opened with a wave of hands and magnetic induction. In addition to the wave function, our smart garbage bin also has a one-key switch function, such as peeling an apple, and when cooking, you must often throw out trash for a while. You can throw out garbage with a wave of your hand.   

2. Wet and dry partitions to help you sort and recycle garbage. The most powerful thing about this kind of smart garbage bin is a garbage bin that can contain two plastic bags at the same time, one for dry trash and the other for wet trash. It is friendly to the residents of big cities who carry out garbage sorting and recycling.   

3. Display battery capacity at any time. There is a power consumption indicator light at the mouth of the bucket. The user can see the battery power at all times, preventing the sudden loss of power at the critical moment of littering.   

4. Attractive appearance. The smart garbage bin is equipped with a metal shell, which is simple and refined, and more environmentally friendly.

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