What is a Smart Trash Can? What Are Functions of It?

In the Internet age, everything is intelligent. No matter what it is, as long as it has something to do with intelligence, it seems to be very high-end. For example, our common trash can, as long as the word "smart" is added, does it make people feel very high-end? Of course, the smart trash can is more than just imagination. So, what is a smart trash can? What are the functions of the smart trash can?

1. About the smart trash can

The intelligent trash can is composed of an advanced microcomputer control chip, an infrared sensor detection device, and a mechanical transmission part. It is a new high-tech product integrating photoelectricity. When a person's hand or object is about 25cm-35cm in the feeding port (should feel window), the trash can lid will automatically open, and the lid will automatically close again after the trash is thrown in for 3-4 seconds. People do not need to touch the trash can. This completely solves the hidden dangers of hygienic infections of traditional trash cans to users, can effectively prevent various infectious diseases from spreading through the garbage, and can prevent the smell of garbage in the cans from overflowing.

2. The functions of the smart trash can

The application of solar energy makes the smart trash can have extraordinary functions. Install solar panels on the top of the trash can to convert solar energy into electricity, and use solar energy to provide power to the trash can to maintain the normal operation of the various functions of the trash can for 24 hours. Such a trash can is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and there is no need to worry about accidental power outages.

Reminder of light detection when the warehouse is full. All the steps used in the traditional trash can must be operated manually, such as loading trash bags and throwing away full trash bags. If one day you forget to throw out the trash, the smell of melon and fruit peel will make you unbearable. However, the sensor trash can can does not require people to handle it personally, and the light sensor can automatically sense the overflow of trash. When the trash is almost full, the trash can will automatically send a message that the trash is full to the trash processing center. After receiving the information, the trash processing center will deal with it in a timely manner according to the network location of the trash can. The trash can handles its own trash, why not do it?

Traditional trash cans need to be cleaned from time to time, but smart trash cans can bathe themselves. And it also has the function of high temperature sterilization, so that bacteria can't destroy itself. The appearance of the smart trash can is also very beautiful. Configure public trash cans with LED lights, they will turn on at night when it's dark, and turn off at night. This beautifies the trash can and benefits the city itself.

The most surprising thing about the smart trash can is WiFi sharing. Who would have thought that the smart trash can is so powerful. After going out, you can connect to WiFi at any time, and the smart trash can realizes WiFi sharing. If you want to learn more about smart trash cans, please continue to follow us.

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