Classification Method of Trash Cans Used for Domestic Waste and Different Types of Waste

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Domestic and public trash can

Trash cans are places to temporarily store garbage. Trash cans are mostly made of metal or plastic, and plastic bags are placed in them when in use. When there is a lot of rubbish, the bag can be lifted and thrown away. Most rubbish bins have lids to prevent the spread of odors, and some rubbish bins can be opened on site. Trash cans are containers that hide dirt in people's lives and reflect social culture.

Plastic trash can

It is easy to operate and clean, and is suitable for indoor use. Outdoor materials require: not easy to age.

Stainless steel trash can

Trash can is made of metal or metal-plastic, and plastic bags are placed in them when in use. If there is a lot of rubbish, the bag can be lifted and thrown away. Many trash cans have a lid that can be opened with a foot pedal to prevent the spread of garbage odors, usually used indoors.

Anti-corrosion wood trash can

Good texture, easy to coordinate with the environment.

Cement trash can

Its advantage is that theft is not a problem.

Perforated trash can

Perforated trash can usually requires galvanized steel, which has high durability and is recyclable in the future. Galvanized steel plate is not easy to rust. After punching and bending, it is usually sprayed to strengthen internal rust corrosion and used as the outdoor trash can.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic trash can is made of high-quality glass fiber and resin coloring, with characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, no deformation, UV resistance, easy cleaning, easy garbage collection, long service life, no movement and garbage collection value.

The profile of the sanitary trash can should be placed in a place that meets the environment, placed on a pile, the garbage is like grass, and another example of the pile is nearby garden grass, mushrooms, rock garbage , Decorative, beautify the environment well. Just as the style of the trash can should be placed in the environment, in order to maintain the function of the garbage itself and the degradation of the environment, this field plays a huge role. I hope everyone understands that adapting to the environment can fully play the role of the sanitary trash can.

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