What Are the Selection Skills of Toilet Brush?

The toilet is an indispensable item in our life. In our daily life, in order to clean, we will use the toilet brush to brush the toilet to ensure that we use it clean and hygienic. However, many people do not know how to choose a toilet brush. Let's introduce it to you.

Ⅰ. How to choose a toilet brush?

1. The bristles of the toilet brush should be thick. Cleaning the toilet mainly depends on the toilet bristles, so when purchasing, pay attention to the moderate density of the toilet bristles.

2. Quality of toilet bristles. When cleaning the toilet, the toilet bristles need to be scrubbed hard, so pay attention to the toughness of the toilet bristles, and do not choose products that lose hair after a single brush.

3. Materials of toilet brush/toilet cup:

① Plastic toilet brush/toilet cup.

② Stainless steel toilet brush/toilet cup.

4. The size of the toilet bowl should be moderate. When buying a toilet cup, it is best to match it with the toilet brush, the size should be moderate, it should just match the toilet brush, not too big or small, and choose a toilet cup that is easy to clean, which is easier to maintain hygiene and avoid breeding bacteria.

Types of toilet brushes and toilet cups refer to professional brushes for cleaning toilets and cups for placing toilet brushes, and are essential products for family bathrooms. Next, let's take a look at how to choose a high-quality toilet brush.

Ⅱ. How to use the toilet brush?

Toilet brushes and toilet cups are indispensable tools for cleaning toilets. How to use the toilet brush?

1. Pour detergent or soap powder in the toilet cup, soak it in hot water, then use the toilet brush to rotate and wash it, and rinse it clean.

2. Pour disinfectant to rinse, the bacteria will be relatively reduced. It is also best to disinfect the basin regularly with disinfectant.

3. After brushing the dirt every time, the toilet brush will inevitably get dirty. It is best to flush it with water again, rinse it off, then drain the water and spray with disinfectant, or soak it with disinfectant regularly. Then put it in the right place.

After reading the above article, everyone probably knows how to choose the toilet brush.  For cleaning items such as toilet brushes, we must place them in a suitable position after use to avoid unsanitary situations. At the same time, we must choose the right toilet brush, so as to facilitate our use.

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