Key Points of Smart Garbage Bin Purchase

Ⅰ. Smart garbage bins is better than metal trash bin with lid

The garbage bin is one of the essential utensils in the home. Generally speaking, garbage bins are divided into uncovered and covered. The lidless garbage bin is convenient for everyone to take out the trash without bending over to open the lid, but the odor in the garbage bin is very easy to release into the room and breeds germs. Although the metal garbage bin with a lid can prevent this problem, it is inconvenient to open the cover every time with your head lowered. The smart sensor dustbin can meet both the needs.     

Ⅱ. The key points of buying smart garbage bins

1. Normal functions. When choosing a smart garbage bin, first think about what functions you need. If you want to control the switch cover, then the basic model will be enough; if it is a lazy user who wants automatic bagging, automatic garbage bagging, and other functions, you need to choose a higher grade.   

2. Airtightness. Choosing a smart garbage bin with good airtightness can reasonably reduce the odor and ensure the air index in the home. After all, the garbage bin is used for living areas, and the smelly smell will affect the mood.   

3. Hygiene. The ultraviolet disinfection sensor smart sensor dustbin automatically turns on the ultraviolet sterilization mode every 12 hours. The lid and the barrel are integrated. The inner trash bag can be automatically replaced without moving the cover. It is simple and convenient to use.   

4. Size. The size and volume of the smart garbage bin are different. garbage bins are not as big as possible, too big is not friendly to small-sized houses, and too small affects their use. Therefore, everyone should choose what suits them according to their requirements.   

5. Waterproof function. The waterproof function of the smart garbage bin ensure that the internal route does not seep water, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. If it is not waterproof, it will soon be scrapped. It is better to choose a regular garbage bin.   

6. Price. At present, the prices of smart garbage bins on the market are uneven. It is recommended that you choose according to your own cost budget.     

The above is a specific introduction to the key points of the smart garbage bin. If you want to know more about the smart garbage bin and smart cleaning supplies, please continue to pay attention to our website. We will provide you with the most professional and detailed introduction. Our main products are sensor garbage bins, smart garbage bins, automatic garbage bins with sensor lids, stainless steel foot-operated garbage bins, ultraviolet disinfection automatic garbage bins, foot-operated garbage bins, automatic motion sensor boxes, etc. Welcome to consult and look forward to communicating with you.

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