Types of Classified Garbage Bins

I. What sort of garbage can be used for plastic garbage bins?

1. Paper: Text paper, packaging paper and other paper products that are not severely contaminated. Such as newspapers, various packaging papers, office paper, advertising paper, etc.

2. Plastics: Waste plastic containers, packaging plastics and other plastic products. Such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, foam plastics, disposable plastic tableware, hard plastics, etc.

3. Metal: Various types of scrap metal items. Such as cans, metal cans, toothpaste skins, etc.

4. Glass: Colored and colorless waste glass products.

5. Fabric: Old textile clothes and textile products.

Non-recyclables refer to garbage other than recyclable garbage. The common ones are trash that is easy to decompose under natural conditions, such as skins, vegetable leaves, leftovers, flowers, branches and leaves.

Toxic substances, such as waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, mercury thermometers, waste paint, expired medicines, etc.

Trash sorting is indispensable in our lives. If there is no sorting plastic garbage bin in our lives, then we will live on trash. Piles of garbage and foul smells fill our mouths and noses and we live in this garbage purgatory.

II. The advantages of plastic garbage bin for garbage classification

1. Strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance;

2. The rounded corner design of the delivery port is safe and unprofitable. And it is injection molded at one time, so the seamless structure design makes the leak proof up to 100%;

3. The surface is smooth and clean which will reduce garbage residue and easy to clean;

4. It can be nested on each other, saving space and convenient for transportation;

5. Various colors. Suitable colors can be matched according to the environment;

6. The barrel, the mouth and the bottom of the barrel are specially reinforced and thickened, which can withstand various external forces (such as collision, lifting and falling);

7. It can can be used in conjunction with a variety of garbage trucks, which is easy to dump and convenient for centralized recycling of garbage.

Plastic garbage bins have all the characteristics of plastic. Coupled with many advantages such as large capacity and easy transportation, plastic garbage bins occupy a high position in the sorted trash can market, and they are also one of the most popular sorted trash cans.

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