Three Tips of Selecting a Smart Trash Can

Ⅰ. The structure of the smart trash can

Through the understanding of the structure and working principle of the smart trash can, we can grasp the core of selecting the smart trash can, which is to select the Internet cloud system and circuit board. You must choose the products of an Internet technology company with independent research and development intellectual property rights, and the company must understand the entire process and operation management of garbage classification. The Internet cloud system of the selected company must be an open source system that can be compatible with smart trash cans purchased by different manufacturers. Otherwise, the systems of each manufacturer are different, incompatible, and unable to be managed uniformly, which will bring great inconvenience to the operation and management of subsequent environmental protection companies. BOSHEEN meets the above requirements, has powerful data statistics functions, and focuses on the research and development of environmentally friendly waste classification systems. We have many years of experience and an open source system with independent intellectual property rights, which can be compatible with different types of smart trash cans.

Ⅱ. The smart trash can is powerful and highly intelligent

The smart trash can includes the following smart functions: video surveillance, ultraviolet disinfection, automatic opening and closing of the opening, scanning code delivery (mainly for public trash cans), automatic weighing with built-in scales, ultrasonic full bucket prompts, and voice broadcast , 5G+WIFI networking, GPS positioning, timing switch, video advertising, hidden toolbox and other intelligent functions.

1. Simply throw garbage. The garbage can is planned to have four major classifications of garbage bins, marked with classification signs, and the opening and closing are automatically opened and closed. People can put garbage without touching any part of the garbage can.

2. Simply remove garbage. The planned smart trash can is easy for cleaners to clean up, and it is equipped with an overflow alarm. Such a trash can can prompt for waste cleaning in time, has good sealing performance, reduces the chance of cross-infection of various germs in life, and has no garbage overflow.

3. Other functionalities. The smart trash can not only has the function of assisting garbage classification, but also has some additional functions. For example, in order to motivate people to correctly sort garbage, set up a point redemption function. When people accumulate the designated points, they can redeem things, so that it can realize its greater environmental protection value.

Hangzhou Bosheen Household Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development of smart household products and business trade. The company has gathered a group of veterans who have worked in the industry for more than ten years. We have a high-quality professional technical R&D team and professional smart trash cans and other product development designers, engaged in the research and development of high-tech products in the digital field.

Our company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, an excellent marketing team and domestic channel partners, and a complete management plan for the market development and product after-sales service of products such as smart trash cans.

We will continue to uphold the concept of "creation, win-win, and sharing", create value for every customer, and provide the best smart trash can and other products and the best services. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult.

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