Automatic Dustbin Application Areas

In recent years, waste disposal and environmental protection is gradually becoming an important part of the national ecological civilization construction, and in today's rapid development of the Internet and technology, as the most effective intelligent equipment for waste classification and recycling, the automatic dustbins, whose promotion is not enough, has normal market response. After the development of automatic dustbins, in order to integrate into life, they have two main areas of application.

1. The automatic dustbins of community, streets and other public places

With the continuous improvement of national garbage classification policy, residents' garbage into the dustbin, garbage classification awareness, outdoor automatic dustbins in communities and city streets and other public places are gradually replacing ordinary garbage cans with the advantages of its garbage intelligent recycling and classification. In the provinces and cities where smart garbage cans, such as foot operated garbage can, have been popularized, residential communities are generally equipped with a smart garbage recycling bin every one or two buildings, residents unlock the door by scanning the QR code or swipe the card, the system will measure the weight of the garbage put and accumulate points, the accumulated points to reach a specified number can be exchanged for daily necessities, in this way to encourage residents to use smart garbage cans. At the same time, the system can collect information and form a database to grasp the situation of garbage classification in each community and the number of varieties of recycled garbage, which is convenient for residents to put in and conducive to later management.

2. Smart trash cans in private areas such as residential houses

In the private area of the home, smart home trash can are designed to be more sophisticated and beautiful, and a collection of various types of advanced equipment in one, the subtleties of the ordinary household garbage cans to make a great innovation. Most of the common household automatic dustbins, like automatic sensor bin, on the market use smart chips and other devices to achieve slow rise and fall of the lid, silent opening and closing; large-capacity battery to ensure a longer life; built-in deodorizer to lock the odor, to ensure that the odor is not dispersed; machine closed design, to protect the normal operation of the drenching, wet environment, so it is suitable for living rooms, kitchens, studies, bedrooms, bathrooms and other occasions.

Automatic dustbins and other garbage sorting facilities should be placed with due consideration to the different circumstances of each region and area, high density of people, garbage daily output of the region, need to be equipped with capacity, work more prominent energy efficiency of the automatic dustbins, low density of people is relatively low requirements. According to local conditions, reasonable configuration can reduce the waste of resources. In addition, the most important thing is that the state effectively assume the responsibility of supervision and management of waste separation and recycling. Supervising and guiding the placement, recycling, transportation, and disposal of garbage, so that these processes are effectively dovetailed, will not only lead to universal participation in garbage classification and raise awareness of environmental protection, but also reduce the damage that may be caused by smart public garbage cans and other equipment, save economic costs, and promote green development.

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