Precautions for Designing Creative Environmentally Friendly Trash Bins

Through creative design, our environmentally friendly trash can can make the same trash have a different place. First of all, regardless of the external shape of the trash can, classification is one of the most important functions of the trash can. Below we will introduce the key points of the design of environmentally friendly trash bins. If you are interested, please take a look with us.

1. The design of the trash can's shape

Outdoor garbage bins can generally be seen on roadsides, parks, and tourist attractions. This kind of trash can does not have strict requirements on art, unlike hotel trash cans, which have high requirements on art. This kind of trash can only needs to be convenient for people to throw out trash and identify it. The basic shapes of public trash cans are cylindrical or square. Due to its simplicity and large capacity, it has been widely used by major environmental protection departments.

2. The design of the trash can's size

The size of the trash can also needs to be determined from the perspective of humanization. From an ergonomic point of view, bending over is an energy-consuming action for people. Therefore, it is more reasonable to bend down slightly when throwing garbage. According to ergonomics, the human body should be kept as upright as possible when throwing garbage, the wrists should be upright, and the wrist joints should be relaxed.

Currently, wood, metal, plastic, and marble are commonly used to make trash cans. And the metal garbage cans are the most common. Combining these three materials with other materials can produce other types of trash cans, such as steel-wood, titanium, metal baking varnish, and glass fiber reinforced plastic.

We believe that the design of environmentally friendly garbage bins can achieve better garbage classification and reduce environmental pollution. But not everyone knows the specific classification of garbage. At this time, the design of the trash can must play a role in auxiliary classification.

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