Is it Convenient to Use Intelligent Trash Can?

With the rapid development of technology and the improvement of human living standards, more and more high-tech are integrated into our daily lives. A variety of smart furniture is available, and even trash cans have now integrated with smart technology. The development of lazy products is increasing, and smart garbage bin is one of them. This convenient product is becoming more and more mainstream in the market, and smart garbage bin is very convenient for our daily lives.

What is an intelligent trash can?

An intelligent trash can is an intelligent furniture that integrates intelligent high-tech. The intelligent trash can is controlled by a circuit chip and consists of an infrared detection device and a mechanical electronic drive system. As long as an object approaches the sensing area range, the bucket lid will automatically open. After the object or hand leaves the sensing area for a few seconds, the bucket lid will automatically close. It does not require an external power supply, but relies on battery power, which consumes less electricity. The exquisite streamline appearance design combined with infrared induction and microcomputer make it flexible and convenient, so you can easily throw away trash without manual or foot stepping. Therefore, it is convenient, hygienic, and reliable, and can effectively prevent contact infections.

Is the smart trash can easy to use?

The first time a mechanical trash can applied advanced technologies such as microcomputer control, infrared sensing, and electromechanical integration to the field of trash cans, making it electrical and automated. It completely solves the hidden dangers of bacterial infection that traditional trash cans pose to users. So, is the intelligent trash can easy to use? In fact, the working principle of sensing trash cans and sensing doors is the same. Only when a person's hand or other body parts come into contact with the infrared rays emitted by the trash can, the lid of the trash can will automatically open, and the lid will automatically close after throwing away the garbage. The entire process of throwing away garbage can be done without touching the trash can with our hands and feet. It's important to keep ourselves and our families healthy by staying away from the bacteria in the trash can. Therefore, the smart trash can, such as dual bin sensor, is very convenient to use.

Precautions for using smart trash can

When installing the battery, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery. Be sure to use a clean cloth to clean the trash can. Do not use water to wash it because the circuit part of the intelligent trash can is composed of many electronic components, and getting wet may damage the internal electronic components. When opening the lid, avoid using external force to press the bucket cover or open it quickly to avoid damaging the accessories. When the electric energy is exhausted, replace the battery in time to prevent the battery liquid from leaking and damaging the electronic components. Avoid using the trash can under direct sunlight or excessively humid environment. Keep the sensing window clean to ensure the normal function of the bucket head induction.

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