Disposable Toilet Brush Heads Won't Get Your Hands Dirty

How annoying it is to flush the toilet, everyone who has done hygiene knows it! Facing the yellow and smelly toilet, when the pungent smell penetrated into the nasal cavity, it really gave people a feeling of suffocation. The old urine scale in the toilet is yellow and difficult to wash, and the macular dirt on the inner wall of the toilet and the gasket looks disgusting, and there are a lot of bacteria! Every time you use the scrub brush for toilet to clean the toilet, the bristles will be stained with some dirt and odor, and the brush will be entangled in it, which is difficult to clean. If you put it in the toilet brush seat, it will breed bacteria, and you have to pour out the water by hand.

Ⅰ. BOSHEEN disposable toilet brush heads

1. Install the disposable toilet brush heads with its own cleaning solution. After washing the toilet, you can directly throw the brush head away.

2. The scrub brush for toilet and detergent are put together, which dissolves in water and saves a lot of money for toilet cleaning.

3. The scrub toilet brush types from BOSHEEN has a good cleaning effect. It can be used not only for cleaning the toilet, but also for the entire bathroom to protect the health of the family.

Ⅱ. How to install BOSHEEN disposable toilet brush heads

1. Put the brush handle into the disposable toilet brush heads storage box, and push the small switch on the brush handle after aligning the brush head. When you hear a "click", you can lock the brush head, which is very easy to operate. After installation, you can start cleaning the toilet. The extended handle and slightly curved design make the grip more comfortable, and your hands are not wet at all.

2. Don't worry about the brush head falling into the toilet, no matter how you shake the brush head, it will be stuck tightly and will not fall. After using, just push the small button on the brush handle back, it will drop automatically.

3. After a series of operations such as buckling, brushing, and throwing, your hands can still remain clean and fresh. When cleaning, you just need to rinse the toilet brush handle. The detergent in the disposable toilet brush head is soluble in contact with water, and the decontamination factor is released instantly after dipping in water, and the cleaning effect is good.

Ⅲ. Features of disposable toilet brush heads

1. There are three layers of disposable toilet brush heads. That is, the sponge layer, the scraping cloth, and the cleaning fluid. You don't have to be fully armed, wear gloves, and hold the toilet cleaner in your left hand and the cleaning cloth in your right hand. And you don't have to toss and turn and your whole body won't ache. If there are children, the elderly and pregnant women in the family with low immunity and resistance, the cleaning of the toilet must not be ignored!

2. The disposable toilet brush heads have rich foam, as long as they are soaked in water and gently scrubbed, they can generate full foam, and the cleaning power is stronger and more comprehensive! But you need to avoid scrubbing too hard, so as not to damage the toilet glaze.

3. This disposable toilet brush heads do not hurt hands or glaze, and there is a faint fragrance after cleaning. Its sponge brush head is so soft that it can reach into the corners of toilets and potholes for comprehensive cleaning, leaving no corners behind! The flat brush head design increases the contact area of the toilet, which can quickly clean, reduce glaze friction, and has a good cleaning effect. Whether it's the toilet lid, seat, around the toilet, or the drain, you can use it to clean.

4. The disposable toilet brush heads will not splash dirty water droplets. Someone should say, isn't it a waste to use it once and throw it once? However, they were wrong because disposable toilet brush heads can wash more than just toilets.

5. The disposable toilet brush heads can clean the sink in the toilet, mirror, glass door, and all kinds of dirty and dirty cracks in the bathroom. Generally, you can clean the mirrors, sinks, walls and other places first, and then clean the toilet last, so that disposable toilet brush heads will not be wasted at all.

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