An Overview of Smart Trash Cans

Artificial intelligence is an important branch of computing, which means that machines and devices can be manipulated by manual instructions to simulate human behavior, but often achieve capabilities that the human brain cannot yet achieve or has not yet been stimulated. In the era of big data, artificial intelligence can not only analyze and process huge amount of data accurately and quickly, but also realize the collaboration and interaction of information in different space and time. At the same time, with its own computer discipline properties, the use of artificial intelligence has greatly reduced the cost of people's work and improve the operational efficiency of intelligent equipment, which has led to more and more attention to artificial intelligence, and continue to be developed and applied.

1. How smart garbage cans provide convenience for life?

People's demand for quality of life has expanded the market of artificial intelligence in the field of household goods, "smart garbage cans" also came into being. Intelligent garbage cans cleaning supplies through specialized design, equipped with intelligent equipment, the use of sensor technology, image processing technology and other means to achieve the optimization of ordinary garbage can function upgrade. Most of the intelligent garbage, like metal trash can with foot pedal, cans have automatic induction open and close automatic packing bag and other intelligent functions, through the computer chip and infrared sensor technology for automatic detection, when someone's hands and objects near or kick, the garbage can lid automatically open, artificially set the residence time, generally 6 ~ 10 seconds after the garbage can lid automatically closed. When the garbage is almost full, the smart garbage can will be fully automatic bag sealing or human remote control bag sealing, to solve the traditional garbage can sealing difficult, difficult to protect health and many other problems, more intelligent and humane.

2. The research status of smart garbage cans in the field of waste classification

Since the official implementation and promotion of garbage classification, the process of using intelligent trash bin in the field of garbage classification has been significantly accelerated, which greatly alleviates the problem that classified garbage cans are only ordinary garbage cans with labels, which require human identification of garbage types, and the correct rate of garbage classification is low. In recent years, relevant scientific research, professionals on the application of intelligent garbage cans in garbage classification proposed software, hardware, technical solutions. Using microcontroller, image processing technology, sensor technology, a set of garbage classification system can be equipped with intelligent garbage cans designed. Ling and others will build an intelligent garbage can supervision system based on the Internet of Things perspective, using intelligent garbage cans, cloud data center, mobile APP and other terminals. Trash bin manufacturers based on the controller and other equipment and technology proposed a cheaper cost, better performance, lower power consumption of intelligent garbage can design solutions.

It is easy to see that with the market development of intelligent garbage can cleaning supplies in the field of waste classification, the performance and variety of intelligent garbage cans will continue to be enriched, and the feasibility of promotion is gradually enhanced. The future promotion and popularization of intelligent garbage cans is an inevitable trend, give full play to its role in improving garbage recycling rate, cultivating residents' garbage sorting habits and protecting the ecological environment in order to promote better development of garbage sorting.

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