How to Choose the Right Household Garbage Bins?

How to choose household garbage bins?

  • Choose stainless steel or bamboo weaving materials as much as possible. Nowadays, some household garbage bins made of plastic materials may contain some radioactive substances or harmful volatile substances due to unknown sources, which poses certain health hazards, while stainless steel and bamboo weaving are not only less likely to have such problems, but also easy to clean. In addition, small trash cans can encourage people to dump garbage frequently, shortening the time for bacteria to breed.

  • Two trash cans in the house are enough. Putting too many household garbage cans not only takes up space, but also increases the ratio of pollution. Generally, one for the kitchen and one for the living room is enough. If the flushing function of the toilet is good, the toilet paper after defecation can be directly flushed with the toilet water, and there is no need to put a trash can. If you think it is really inconvenient, you can put a small closed trash can. The trash can should also be placed in a well-ventilated place to facilitate the timely dispersion of the odor generated by the garbage.

  • The kitchen trash can is best equipped with a lid. There are also trash cans with and without lids on the market. Because the kitchen has many moist garbage and is prone to emit odor, it is best to choose a trash can with a lid. Drain the water before throwing it into the trash can, and seal it at any time. Trash cans without lids can be used to hold dry and odorless garbage, suitable for bedrooms or living rooms. Hazardous garbage such as waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste mercury thermometers, and expired medications in dry garbage also need to be divided and sealed.

  • Clean up in time. Due to the breakage of garbage bags and the pollution of household garbage bins, it is recommended to clean them once a day. When cleaning, use a brush to clean the gaps, disinfect with 84 disinfectant if possible, and finally rinse and dry.

Household garbage cans can choose the intelligent trash can

Nowadays, with the popularization of intelligence, in order to improve the quality of life and user experience, smart home applications are widely used. The trash cans we use in our daily life have also entered the smart industry. Most users may think that a trash can does not need such a high-end configuration. Plastic trash cans can be used at home, and there is no need to spend money to buy smart trash cans. But personally, I don't think so, because I have both smart trash cans and plastic trash cans at home, and I can clearly feel the happiness brought by the smart garbage bin during use, mainly including the convenience of starting the trash can, the advanced feeling of placing the trash can, and no odor after throwing garbage, and so on.

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