Cleaning and Maintenance Methods of Toilet Brush and Toilet Cup

Everyone is very familiar with toilets. Toilets are easy to get dirty and need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Toilet brushes and toilet cups are very good tools for cleaning toilets. Only by keeping the toilet brush and toilet cup clean can the toilet be kept clean. Now we will introduce the cleaning and maintenance methods of the toilet brush and toilet cup.

1. The cleaning methods of toilet brush and toilet cup

Pour detergent or soap powder on the toilet cup, soak it in hot water, and use the toilet brush to rotate and rinse to clean it. Pour disinfectant on the toilet cup to rinse, and the bacteria will be relatively less. It is also best to regularly disinfect the basin with a disinfectant.

Every time you finish brushing the dirt, the brush will inevitably be stained with dirt. It is best to rinse it with water again, rinse it off, drain the water, and spray a disinfectant. Or regularly soak the brush with disinfectant and put it in a suitable place. For more convenience, you can also choose the toilet brush with disposable head.

2. The maintenance methods of toilet brush and toilet cup

It's best to hang up the toilet brush, don't just put it in the corner, and don't put it in an airtight container. Every time you use the toilet brush, you should rinse it with clean water in time, then hang it up, drain the water, and finally put it in a ventilated and dry place.

Remember not to put the toilet brush with water in an airtight container, or a dark and damp corner of the bathroom. This environment is the most prone to bacteria. How often should you replace your toilet brush? Replace the toilet brush according to the degree of use. After the bristles fall off, it is easier to hide dirt. Generally speaking, after using it for about half a year, it is time to consider replacing it.

3. The purchase skills of toilet brush and toilet cup

The cleaning of the toilet mainly relies on the bristles, so when purchasing, check whether the density of the toilet brush is moderate. When cleaning the toilet, the bristles need to be scrubbed vigorously. Therefore, pay attention to the toughness of the bristles and do not choose products that are easy to shed. And now there is an emerging toilet brush with removable head, which is also a good choice.

When purchasing a toilet cup, it is best to choose the one that matches the toilet brush, the size should be moderate, and it should match the toilet brush. And you have to choose a toilet cup that is easy to clean, so that it is easier to maintain hygiene and avoid the breeding of bacteria. There are also many innovations in the shape of the toilet brush and toilet cup, especially the shape of the toilet cup. There are hemispherical, rectangular and so on. Choose a toilet brush and toilet cup with a special shape according to your own hobbies, so that you can also have a personalized match.

Toilet brushes and toilet cups are relatively common. Now, there are more and more styles of toilet brushes and toilet cups. In order to better clean the toilet, we must first master the skills of choosing toilet brush and toilet cup, and then clean the toilet brush and toilet cup regularly, and keep the toilet brush and toilet cup clean, so as to better clean the toilet.

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