4 Different Spaces to Choose the Right Trash Can to Facilitate Home Life

We people really generate a lot of garbage every day. Fortunately, there are trash cans that can help us collect trash. Generally speaking, there should be a lot of trash cans in our suite.

So what kind of trash can should be chosen for different spaces? Come and learn today, choose the right one, and make our life more convenient and comfortable.

1. Smart garbage bins placed at the entrance

We should also have a trash can at the entrance. It is best to choose a trash can with a lid on the foot, because sometimes, we may generate some garbage outside, but we have not found a suitable place to throw it, then we'll throw it away when we get home.

In this way, we can throw the garbage directly into the entrance. If the trash can is not covered, it will look very dirty. After all, we have to see the entrance first when we go home, and also after the guests come, so the entrance trash must be brought covered.

2. Smart garbage bins placed in the living room

Generally speaking, when garbage is generated in our living room, most of it will generate some garbage when we are free to rest, such as sitting in front of the sofa watching TV and eating snacks. The garbage cans placed here can be uncovered or is covered.

Generally, we like to throw the generated garbage directly on the coffee table, and then take the garbage can and put the garbage into it. If it has a lid, we like to directly throw the generated garbage into the garbage can, so that it will be cleaner and more convenient.

3. Kitchen smart garbage bin

Kitchen trash cans are not recommended for you to choose trash cans with lids, because some of the garbage generated in our kitchen needs to be thrown into the smart kitchen trash can in time, otherwise the countertop will look very dirty and messy, which will affect cooking, and some trash is impossible to put on the countertop.

If you choose a smart garbage bin with a lid, it may be troublesome to use, and the bin with sensor lid is more or less hindered. Some people may worry that the trash can without a lid will produce peculiar smell. After all, there is a lot of garbage generated in the kitchen. It is better to throw it a day.

4. Bathroom smart garbage bin

The trash can in the bathroom definitely needs to be covered. The things we use after use are all bacteria, such as E. coli. If these things are exposed on the surface, and the bathroom is a humid place, it will breed very fast. Covered trash cans will reduce this problem.

Therefore, the choice of our indoor trash cans is also very particular. Do you know how to choose a smart garbage bin?

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