What Are the Features of an Automatic Sensor Dustbin?

What is an automatic sensor dustbin? As the name suggests, it is a smart trash can with induction characteristics. Compared with ordinary trash can, automatic sensor dustbin is more convenient and hygienic to use, and is popular among many consumers. So, what are the specific characteristics of automatic sensor dustbin?

Structural characteristics of automatic sensor dustbin

Automatic sensor dustbins are relatively simple compared to ordinary trash cans. Simply put, the lid can be opened and closed through a sensor, without the need for manual or foot operation. Compared with ordinary trash cans, automatic sensor dustbins have an electronic component and a mechanical drive component. The electronic component is controlled by an IC and a sensor, and the mechanical drive component is simply used to close and open the lid.

Technical characteristics of automatic sensor dustbin

Currently, there are mainly three types of induction methods on the market: pyroelectric infrared, infrared detector, and microwave induction. These technologies were mainly developed through cooperation between Zhejiang Xingfa Plastic Industry and many professional research institutions. Stainless steel plate is used as the barrel body, with automatic infrared sensing function, American zinc-free circuit board, and sensing height of 30 to 40CM. After the lid is opened, it will only be closed again when the things in the sensing area leave, which improves the shortcoming that the sensing height on the market is only 15 to 20CM and the automatic sensing has no delay, which is prone to clamping hands. Zinc-free is a concept of environmental protection advocated by the country. When applied to trash cans, it reflects the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Market prospect characteristics of automatic sensor dustbin

As people's living standards improve, modernization of household life is an inevitable trend. Almost all traditional trash can industries have launched their own automatic sensor dustbins, which will undoubtedly be a development trend in the future. Automatic sensor dustbin will also become the consumption habits of ordinary people. Just like energy-saving lamps and water dispensers, which are now widely available, automatic sensor dustbin will also become popular in the next few years.

By using the automatic sensor dustbin, we will have a better way to deal with garbage. We believe that people who have used automatic sensor dustbins will like them. One point to note here is that there are many brands of automatic sensor dustbins on the market, and a good brand of automatic sensor dustbins can have better results.

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